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Peter Pilotto biography

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33 year old Pilotto grew up surrounded by fashion. His parents owned the first shop in Austria to stock labels such as Azzedine Aläia. De Vos on the other hand had no such fashion background. Born in 1980 in Libya he travelled the world with his oil industry parents.

Pilotto met de Vos at the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2000. Their contrasting up bringing had invested the pair with a love not just of fashion and clothing but with an interest in science and nature, something that is reflected in the graphic yet transcendental prints which permeate their work. The duo instils intelligence and exploration into their designs, taking inspiration for their statement twisted and draped pieces and prints from the full range of the natural and scientific world. Notably they have been inspired by an image from c.1830 called ‘the mineralogist’ where a scientist is seen wearing all of his mineral discoveries.

Pilotto works mainly on the collections’ prints and textiles while de Vos concentrates more on silhouette and drape. Although individually concentrating on separate aspects of design, the partnership is very much a collaboration. Peter Pilotto collections are sold in 29 countries and are spotted on the most fashion forward celebrities.

Peter Pilotto dresses have been seen on an array of celebrities ranging from Rhianna to Kate Bosworth. However most notable must be Michelle Obama, showing the huge versatility of the duo’s designs and no-doubt increasing their appeal.